Lives are always changing in the little ways of the day-to-day; a new brand of shampoo, a different route to work, the hiring of a new coworker. However, among these changes, there is the consistency of our personal lives: where you live and work, whom you live and work with and how you feel about them. Divorce is hard to accept and work through because these consistencies change and you are forced to think of a new future without them. But, new doesn't mean bad! Quite the opposite, through Carolina Family Life Coaching you'll find new opportunities with our unwavering support. 


Divorce coaching can sound menacing, but we assure you it doesn't have to be. Our goal is to help you know what you want coming out of your divorce. We want to help you reconcile the end of your marriage and ensure cooperation in having a fair and amicable divorce. Our responsibility to you is to minimize conflict, hurt and angry feelings between you and your spouse. Divorce coaching is about achieving the best outcome for everyone involved, especially children. We help you establish and maintain healthy co-parenting practices that are long-term and effective. 


All of the methods used and taught at Carolina Family Life Coaching are evidence-based; meaning everything you hear will be backed by empirical evidence and data. We want to support and help you make the whole process as painless as possible. We want you to know that our Board Certified Coach, Amber Harkey, is here for you. Here at Carolina Family Life Coaching, we know that divorce can be hard and it's different for everyone but we want you to see that your future is bursting at the seams with possibilities. It's a long road to walk but we have a sturdy pair of shoes; start with the first step, schedule your consultation today!