Carolina Family Life Coaching presents the Family Empowerment Project

What is the Family Empowerment Project?

The Family Empowerment Project was created with the families of the Triangle in mind. More times than not, when families face one challenge, three more challenges will sneak up and cause a family to feel overburdened and undersupported. Sometimes finding support during these times can feel like an impossible task. 


To help families with limited funds get the support they need, Carolina Family Life Coaching started the Family Empowerment Project. A Family Coach will be assigned to the family to work with them on uncovering the unique strengths that will help them reach their goals. Topics and resources covered during sessions will likely vary, but they are completely customized to the unique needs of the family.


How do I sign up?

To qualify for the Family Empowerment Project, families will need to fill out this application. Applications are reviewed, and an introduction phone call will be conducted to ensure that the Family Empowerment Project is a good fit. A new family is chosen every eight weeks. 


Each family that is part of the Family Empowerment Project will receive... 


  • Eight donated coaching sessions

  • One-on-one coaching with a Family Life Coach

  • Phone and email correspondence between sessions

  • Assessments based on needs

  • A list of customized resources


Do you know a family that could use this opportunity? If so please share this information with them and have them fill out this application.


What is the Vision of the Family Empowerment Project?


We want families all over the triangle to have access to this opportunity. Long-term, we hope to be able to create partnerships with local professionals that are also interested in supporting and strengthening our local families by donating their time and expertise. Are you a professional that would like to become part of the Family Empowerment Project? Contact us today!