Wooden Book Shelves


Whether you are a coaching client of Carolina Family Life Coaching or simply looking for resources, we've got you covered! The books below are excellent tools that will help you through current struggles or to help build onto what you already know.

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by Marshall B. Rosenberg, PhD

Gain the necessary skills to successfully communicate in a compassionate way and find your sense of empowerment.

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Lee Rosen & Lisa Angel

Learn all about divorce and the different things to consider whether that be custody, alimony or more.

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by Matthew McKay, Phd & Patrick Fanning

Learning how to grow self-esteem is a lifelong process. The tools in this book allow the reader to practice growing self-esteem on the spot. 

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Positive Discipline

by Jane Nelsen, ED.D

Parents often struggle on how to approach disciplining their children. This struggle is magnified during divorce. This book provides research-based options to alleviate the struggle.