You're Doing A Great Job

Hello Friends!

I'm sitting here on a (very) chilly evening working on my website for my business, and it hit me! There are only two days left of 2017. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? How on EARTH did that happen? Wasn't I just sitting there on New Years Eve of 2016 pondering on all the superb things I was going to accomplish in the upcoming year?

Just about every year at this time I get a little sad. I feel like I have let myself down. I feel like I have never met nearly the amount of goals that I had set for myself. I didn't lose as much weight as I would have liked, I didn't stop getting annoyed at little things, I didn't become a millionaire... you know the typical #goals.

I had promised myself at the beginning of the 2017 that I was going to find my passion AND become very successful living out my passion's mission. Did I accomplish this full goal? Nope. Did I accomplish so much more in a unique way? Yes! I found my passion after many failed attempts throughout the year. I fell on my boat a good 7 times thinking I had found my calling. Life got in the way big time! But sure enough - I found it in the knick of time. Just because I didn't accomplish everything I had set out to doesn't mean I should underplay what I DID accomplish and neither should you.

Here's the thing my beautiful souls that are reading this, haven't we all kicked ass at least a little bit this past year? Did you get a full 8 hours of sleep that one time? Did you choose to clean instead of binge on Netflix at least once? Okay, okay maybe you accomplished a little bit more than that. But seriously!


As I get older I realize that no one has it easy. Nope, not one single person. Why is that? Well, each and every one of us faces our own internal and external battles whether we share it with the world or not. Each and everyone of us deserves a pat on the back, even for the little things. Life can be TOUGH, extremely tough. So I applaud you for getting back up when life knocks you down (even if it takes a week or two... or a year).

Whether you are single Mom that feels like she just can't wipe one more snotty nose or a retired vet that feels they can't get the leg up you deserve, give yourself a high five. You've chosen to wake up another day and rock it!

Remember, each and every person around you is likely struggling in their own unique way. Give someone a hug today, flash someone your pretty smile, help someone across the street (has anyone ever actually been in a scenario to help a Granny across the street?). Most importantly, give yourself the grace and love you deserve!

#inspiration #youvegotthis #lifecoach #strength

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