Stay For The Credits

Hi Friends!

The New Year is in full swing, and it has somehow flown by already! Each and every year, I look up at the calendar and expect it to be January 5th, but January already said "bye Felicia" and we are in mid-February, why is this?

At the beginning of this year, I made the decision to be more present and aware of the things and people around me. This got me thinking... so many of us have people in our lives that make living just a little bit sweeter. Maybe they make you laugh once in a while, or they let you rant about your day without ever complaining. It is so easy to take these people and moments for granted when they are always there, but once in awhile wouldn't it be great to sit back and watch the credits?

What Do I Mean By This?

So, let's see a (virtual) show of hands. How many of you stay at the end of a movie to watch the credits? Do you wait until after all of the action and intrigue of the movie is over to see the names of those that made it possible? Well if you are anything like me, the answer is "Nope!". If you're answer was "Yes!"... then I truly applaud you.

Here's the thing, folks, just like we do at the movies, we often forget to stay for the credits of those that are making our lives sweeter. They may be a family member, your kiddo's teacher, or the guy with the man-bun that serves you your cappuccino every Wednesday morning. There are SO many people that may be playing a positive role in your life that are easily overlooked. This can be true no matter how big or small a role they play in your day to day.

Here is my challenge for YOU! Take the time this week to come up with a good ole' fashion pen on paper list. Make a list of every person you can think of that increases the quality of your life and why! You can even keep this list close by and add on to it as new people come into your life that make you smile.

We live in a world that focuses so much on what we lack, and we spend so little time focusing on what we already have! By making this list, I hope you are empowered to "stay for the credits" more often!

Remember, one of the keys to creating more abundance in your life is to cherish the abundance you already have.

Until next time!

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